Wednesday, 10 July 2024 15:49

Sri Lanka Insurance declares Rs. 11.2Bn bonus for Life policyholders Featured

The nation’s Life insurer, Sri Lanka Insurance Life (SLICLL) yet again outshines its own record to declare the largest Life Insurance bonus in the industry amounting to a staggering Rs. 11.2 Billion for 2023 to its policyholders.

Since 2006 SLIC has triumphed in declaring the highest Life Insurance bonuses year on year in the industry which is now more than a massive Rs. 104 Billion making the SLIC bonus declaration unmatchable.

By declaring the highest and largest ever Life Insurance Bonus in the country, Sri Lanka Insurance Life has upheld the trust placed by the policyholders as the strongest insurance provider in Sri Lanka.

Despite internal changes and the economic and social impact felt by the company, Sri Lanka Insurance Life was able to increase its asset base to Rs. 221 Billion and the life fund to Rs. 180.8 Billion, to further strengthen its position as the largest and strongest local insurer


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