Tuesday, 09 July 2024 15:17

Sri Lanka Navy cracks down on bird and reptile dmuggling racket Featured

Sri Lanka Navy deployed Sri Lanka Coast Guard ship Suraksha to seize a local multi-day fishing trawler and apprehend 05 suspects involved in smuggling of several bird and reptile species. The operation was mounted in the southern waters on 07th July 2024.

This operation was conducted based on a comprehensive information analysis by Naval Intelligence over an extended period, focusing on a smuggling racket of birds and reptiles.

Upon inspection of the suspicious trawler in the southern waters, a variety of 13 pythons, 01 monitor lizard, 01 tortoise and 03 parrots were found, raising concerns over an act of wildlife smuggling. Thus, the fishing trawler, along with 05 suspects, was taken into custody.

The multi-day fishing trawler was escorted to the Galle harbour in the dark hours of 08th July, where officials of the Department of Wildlife Conservation examined the animals and identified them as non-native species to Sri Lanka

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