Caramel Day 2024

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2024-04-05 12:43

Caramel Day is celebrated on April 05, 2024. Caramel is the very popular sweet made of melted sugar, butter, cream and sometimes vanilla flavor. Sugar melts at 340 °F and exactly then it becomes golden brown and very sticky. Caramel is often enjoyed as sauce with ice-cream or cake. The stiff variation is here and there consumed as caramel toffees.

It is not clear who had the idea of the Caramel Day and when but people have to thank that smart person for a day to justify eating lots of caloric caramel. The melted sugar, cream and butter mixture can be enriched with other ingredients like chocolate. The chocolate caramel has its own appreciation day on March, 19th.


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  • 2024-04-05 12:43

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